The Summer Sweat Series at Muscle & Flow

Summer is officially here and we're ready to sweat. Are you ready to join us? The clock is ticking, don't wait, sign up today.
Brittany Irwin
July 7, 2023
The Summer Sweat Series at Muscle & Flow

Summer is officially here and we're ready to sweat. Are you ready to join us?

Starting July 1, we will be launching our first ever Summer Sweat Series membership. At Muscle & Flow, our main goal has always been to create a fitness community where members can experience a variety of fitness concepts, all under one roof.  Now, we want you to experience ALL of those fitness concepts.  ‍

What is included with the Summer Sweat Series at Muscle & Flow?

‍With your Summer Sweat Series membership, you are going to have access to our entire facility.  The Fight Club? Head on down.  The Gym?  Calling your name.  The Studio? Welcoming you with open arms.  

For the month of July and August, we are offering an exclusive membership that we’ve never offered before.  The Summer Sweat Series membership will include:

How much does the summer sweat series cost?

‍The Summer Sweat Series is only $99/month.  No sign up fees, no annual fees.  We’re keeping things simple.

How do I know if it makes sense for me to join the Summer Sweat Series?

‍If you are someone who has even considered taking classes at Muscle & Flow, the Summer Sweat Series membership makes sense for you.  Let’s run the numbers ….

If you were to attend just two classes per month on the Summer Sweat Series membership, you would be getting your money’s worth.  However, let’s say you’re a class junkie and end up taking 5 classes per week …. That means you’re only paying $1/class.  Pretty good deal, right? Check out our class schedule here.

I heard there was a challenge to this. What is that all about?

‍A little healthy competition never hurts, which is why we’ve decided to step it up and turn the Summer Sweat Series into a challenge.  At the end of August, we will be tallying up the total number of check-ins during the series.  The top 5 members with the most check ins will be able to extend their Summer Sweat Membership for one more month.  

How do I sign up for the Summer Sweat Series?

Just get in touch with us or schedule a time to come in for a tour and we’ll take care of you from there. If you're ready to join today, click the button below to sign up.

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