Adonis Espinal

Adonis Espinal

Strength and conditioning coach


Raw squat 650

Bench 535

Deadlifts 710

Clean and press 325


Issa strength and conditioning coach

NSCA certification of completion of 2022 MBSC winter seminar February 26-27

About Coach

My journey into weight lifting started at the young age of 13. Growing up I played various sports; I participated in track, basketball, baseball, but football was the sport I became extremely passionate about. I wanted to be bigger and stronger for football in middle school, so I took up weightlifting to help me achieve those goals. As I was seeing my body change, I fell in love with lifting. I continued on to become a running back for Curry College, after which my football career ended. Upon graduating college, I really immersed myself in to the bodybuilding world, and I am currently competing as an NPC bodybuilder.

Turning Point

My turning point in my life really started when I ended up leaving college to start working in the real world. I began working at a job that I didn't love and I realized that I was not feeling fulfilled.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching comes from the willingness to show others that with hard work and dedication anything is possible and attainable 💪

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