Andrew Stebbins

Andrew Stebbins

Personal Trainer & Coach



About Coach

Andrew has many years of varied, practical industry experience and specializes in body transformations. He is poised to give you the tools you need to elevate and accomplish your fitness goals. Whether you are a busy parent, full-time student or worker, beginner or advanced athlete, Andrew is well equipped to handle your fat loss, muscle building or strength goals. A graduate in exercise science, Andrew is also a qualified National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Council of Certified Personal Trainer. In college he was a multiple-sport athlete competing in football and track, and is also a practiced MMA and weightlifting competitor. His skill set includes a powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding and sport-specific training background. His knowledge and experience are comprehensive and up to date. His approach to your fitness goal results is a simple but effective, quality training process that is fun and functional. His top priority is to use his abilities to train you to not only get to your best self, but to do it with a consistent efficiency, so you can take the skills and knowledge you learn and apply it for lifelong, sustainable results.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

Andrew prides himself on being a master of his craft, and is currently in pursuit of his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist accreditation. His father, also a seasoned bodybuilder and powerlifter, helped cultivate his passion in fitness, and instilled Andrew's standards for excellence. After his experience at other gyms, he went solo in his fitness ventures establishing his own independent online, in home, and outdoor gym business in 2020 and he became synonymous with his brand, Fire and Iron Training (F.I.T.). Andrew understands the value and importance of coaching to elevate yourself to your true potential and is currently working with 2015 Arnold Classic Champion and 2015 Mr. Olympia runner up, pro Jose Raymond, to compete in NPCs Classic Physique Class. His strategy is to instill and motivate your desire, discipline, dedication, and determination to set you up for success and have unshakable confidence in your mind and body. Forge your Potential. Implement a plan. Take action. Get FIT.

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