Bruno Alejandro Rodriguez

Bruno Alejandro Rodriguez

Martial Arts / Self defense / Fitness Coach


Athletic training is a combination of many disciplines, not limited to weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and building up endurance. My experience has encompassed several martial art disciplines including: Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial  Arts, and General Fitness.  Accompanying these techniques is mental discipline that enables me to relate to my clients and to help them develop the same discipline to meet their goals.


Black Belt 2nd Dan of Kick Boxing.

International professional fighters promoter and coach.

Director of Martial Art School

Producer of Sports Events

About Coach

I’ve been involved my whole life in martial arts, sports and health. I started with Karate Shotokan when I was four years old and since then I’ve practiced almost every martial arts such as Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Luta Livre and MMA. I own a Martial Arts School (Fighters Gym) in Argentina where we came out with more than 50 professionals fighters in different disciplines, several National Champions and a few World Champions. I have experience as a trainer/coach in different countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain and USA. I also have been working on the field of Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, assisting others in achieving their personal goals.

Turning Point

My twin brother and I trained as athletes from an early age. There was, typically, a very healthy competition between us. When we began our university studies we harnessed this competition and open Fighters Gym to train inspiring athletes.

Motivation & Passion

I absolutely love helping people to find their own potential for change and growth for themself and giving them the means to realize their goals. My experience in training has cast a wide net, as I have trained beginners and professional athletes alike.

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