Kevin Sindjieu

Kevin Sindjieu

Kettlebell Coach & Personal Trainer


About Coach

Kevin is a very enthused and passionate fitness trainer who enjoys having a positive impact in people's lives and helping them achieve their fitness goals. Kevin specializes in athletic performance and believes everyone has an athletic potential that can be trained and improved. With various fitness tools and training modalities, Kevin is eager to help others build and improve their athletic qualities in a functional, safe and progressive manner. Kevin also has a passion for learning and continues to educate himself and enrich his knowledge in the field in order to provide the best possible service to clients.

Turning Point

Switching careers in my 30’s and deciding to be a fitness coach. It hasn’t been an easy journey but I’m very glad I made the decision.

Motivation & Passion

Helping others achieve their goals and bring a smile on their face is truly a great feeling. Making the “impossible” possible with hard work and dedication. It’s for all of us.

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