REFUEL 2024 - Martha's Vineyard Spring Retreat

Welcome to REFUEL, our annual Women's Retreat, focused on rebooting and refueling our bodies. Reservations open now for April 26th retreat.
Brittany Irwin
March 6, 2024
REFUEL 2024 - Martha's Vineyard Spring Retreat

Ladies, do you need to refuel? Let us help you answer that .... YES you do! It is so important to set aside time to reboot, and during REFUEL, you will be doing just that.

Introducing REFUEL 2024.

Join us for an immersive women's retreat hosted by our very own Alex Wild and Felicia Baptista. This all-inclusive 3-day, 2-night retreat will take place on beautiful Martha's Vineyard at The Dexter. Your stay will be filled with enriching activities, nutritious meals, and the full island experience. Over the weekend we have set up time to move your body, relax your mind, enjoy the beach, and be creative. You will leave this retreat feeling calm, refocused and uplifted.

What can I expexct at REFUEL 2024?

What are the details of REFUEL 2024?

How do I sign up for REFUEL 2024?

During REFUEL 2024 there will be two lodging options - single occupancy or double occupancy. Please click the links below to reserve your spot on our retreat.

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